Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Week Summary

Hi Bellas,

So these past three weeks classes have really focused on really perfecting the fundamentals of makeup. Really working on the foundations, corrections, and creating very natural looks. I initially had two very big fears with make up. 1. Not applying the right foundation on any specific person. 2. Applying mascara.

I was so scared of the foundation because I wasn't confident that I'd be able to match the color adequately with the skin. But luckily, that fear is now GONE. And the mascara fear, was poking someone in the eye!!!! Not quite gone yet, but working on it :)
I'm attaching some pics of work I've been doing in class.
First up is Ashley (she's my WONDERFUL teacher.) The object of this look was DAYTIME makeup. I tried something subtle as to give the illusion that she's not wearing any makeup at all. I gave Ashley a rosy color on the lids and lined the lid with a very light shade called Vanilla by Makeup Store. Also, gave her a brown eyeliner and finished her off with a rosy blush just on the apples of her cheeks and a soft nude lip gloss. What do you think of the end result?
How do you like the pic of me in action? Hahahaha Any way, up next I wish I had a before picture for this girl. She came into the school with very heavy green (yes I said green) eyeliner, and ALOT of mascara. In her case she had like three different skin tones. She was fare in some areas, a little red in others and she had freckles. Once again the object was DAYTIME makeup. Because I knew she liked eyeliner and heavy mascara, I opted for a little heavier on the eyeliner (in this case black) and black mascara.

Yesterday I finally got to work with Fiorella!!! Fiorella is another student at the school and she and I have become good friends and help each other out with everything we can. So yesterday when it was NIGHTTIME makeup, we both agreed that we would work on each other. Fiorella has very great features, high cheek-bones, flawless skin, and the ideal face shape. So it was really easy working with her. I didn't need to do much correction with her so since it was NIGHTTIME I really focused on her eyes. Tried to give a dramatic effect by using warm colors. Take a look at the pics below and let me know if you think I was able to achieve my goal of focus on the eyes and not playing too much with her great features.

And last but not least of course, Myself!!!!! Today I worked on myself, tried to give myself a Party look, but not sure if I achieved it. I was using colors that I'm normally not used to using so I really second guessed some things. Let me know what you think.

Well Bellas, that's it for this time around. I'm sure I've bored half of you by now, but for those of you that are not bored...please, please, please leave some constructive criticism. I really want to get some feedback.

Love ya,
Ciao Bellas

Cecy V

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hair & Makeup Daniela Gutierrez

Hi Bellas,

Today I worked with a fabulous young lady named Daniela Gutierrez. Daniela is my best-friends daughter, believe it or not this little bombshell is only 16 years old. The object of the little make-over was to give her a soft natural look, and bring out those beautiful green eyes she has. Another thing I wanted to accomplish is avoid making her look much older than what she really is.
I blew out her hair and gave her some soft curls at the ends. Gave her a soft green eye shadow over the entire eye, then shaped the eye with a smoky grey, lined the upper and lower lids with a jet black, and finished it off with some black mascara. Gave her a soft rosy cheek and a near nude lipgloss.
The pictures don't do much justice, but I'm sure you can see some of the details in the pics provided.
Please leave some comments. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
Until next time,
Ciao Bellas,

A Little Introduction

Hello Bloggers & Followers!!!!!!!!!!

This is it! My dreams are becoming a reality. Yay! I can finally say, "I'm doing what I LOVE!" After years of being a part of "Corporate America" I have decided to venture off and do what I love and have a passion for. Be a part of the Beauty/Fashion world.

It all began this past October, when the Universe had another plan for me, and I lost my job. As a result of failed interviews and dead end jobs, I began some much needed and long awaited "soul searching." Luckily, I have a wonderful Mother who has been there for me emotionally, AND financially to have the ability to take 6 months to complete this "soul searching." After much research I came across this wonderful school called International Makeup Career Center. I decided to become a student at this school and am currently aspiring to become a MAKEUP ARTIST!

During this short period of time at this school, I have learned many alot. But, there is much to come in the future.

I have created this blog so that my family and friends can join me in this much awaited Journey and have the ability to experience the success that I'm sure I will acquire.

Please stay tuned for pictures and stories of the adventures I will encounter. I already have some under my belt!

Ciao Bellas,